Our Running Services


Looking for help to get the get maximum benefit from your running? From beginner to ultra marathon runner, we offer coaching for both individuals and small groups and can design training programmes to help you achieve your running goals whatever they might be.

Heard of track work, interval training, Yasso 800s, Kenyan Hills, Oregon circuit, threshold training, cross country running? Our Running Leaders can keep you motivated and help you diversify by introducing you to types of running you may not have considered.

Think you are too old to take up new challenges? Well age is no excuse! We work with people of all ages from 18 onwards.


We also design and deliver regular seminars and workshops to broaden your knowledge of running and help you sort the fact from the fiction when it comes to training and competition.


Our courses run over six to eight weeks. We will help you define and implement a training programme to achieve a specific running goal. Each week our courses focus on a different aspect of running training and include practical training sessions and time to discuss questions and issues and get some 1:1 support.

See our Events page for details of current workshops and courses.

Nutrition Coaching

Our services for runners don’t stop there. Our nutrition practitioners can help you work out what to eat and drink to fuel your training and performance. They offer both 1:1 consultation, small group work and nutrition seminars and events to ensure your running training is founded on sound nutrition.

See our Nutrition page for more details of our approach to nutrition coaching.